Bridal Hairstyles: Bangs

Choosing a hairstyle is a big decision for any bride. It needs to be something that will look good in pictures and will work well with your hair texture and hair accessories. Our beautiful bride Alicia had straight bangs and they looked great in all the pictures (courtesy of the talented Dara Blakeley Photography) and with her veil. 

Are you still contemplating what hairstyle you might choose? Here are some pictures with different styles and how they can be worn formally. 
Jennifer Love-Hewitt has neatly side-parted bangs with her hair worn down in an elegant side ponytail. The styling of her bangs would work well with a variety of other hairstyles, including a classic updo, and would look great with a veil or any other bridal accessory. 

A recently married Jessica Biel has a middle part with face-framing bangs. The layers fall in a way that flatters her features and they don’t look heavy or overbearing. This hairstyle looks great paired with statement earrings.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has her hair styled with lots of volume. Another great look for a straight fringe is to have them really heavy and blow dried with a round brush so they don’t lay flat. Pairing this with a volumized crown and pulled into a neat low bun finishes off this very polished look. 

Melissa George has her hair pulled back into a chignon with a thick side-bang that is curled. This is a vintage-inspired look that will work well for the ladies that have longer hair. 
Be sure to book a hair appointment 1-4 weeks before the wedding so your hair is healthy, the ends are fresh and everything is the right length for your chosen hairstyle. 
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Floral Accessories & Bridal Hair Looks

The accessories at Bridal Fashion Week have us thinking about hair. Floral hair pieces were used a lot on the runways, and it reminded us how it is such a feminine and romantic touch for any hairstyle.

Need more inspiration? Below are photos of real brides that Make Up For Your Day has had the pleasure of working with. Just like all of the other elements of a wedding, the bride’s hairpiece is very unique and always fits the bride’s personality. 
Bride Abby. Hair and Makeup by Regan and N’Zinga. Carolyn Scott Photography.
Bride Katie. Hair and Makeup by Jen H. Photography Story Photographers
Bride Jennifer. Stylist Jennifer House. Photographer Nick Pironio. 

Bride Kyla. Hair and Makeup by Beth and Jen B. Photography Sweet Life Studios
Bride Danielle. Hair and Makeup by Jen H. Photography Elizabeth Cayton.

Bride Sam. Hair by Jen H. Photography Robin Lin.
We love all our brides and the variety of beautiful things that we get to see! We are excited for all of the future brides that we will get to work with and help to look and feel great on their big day. 

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